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BETT2018 – a must for people in education

London calling….. I am on my way to BETT2018, one of the world’s largest trade shows on educational technology.

Why I am going to BETT2018?

Can any teacher nowadays not be interested in digital learning? It is true, there are some, but digital transformation is happening now and I have a passion for digital learning.

What I expect of BETT2018?

Three things: inspiration, inspiration, inspiration – just like two years ago when I attended BETT the first time (inspired by Yuri Goldfuss and Kurt Söser, thanks guys!) I was blown away by the atmosphere! If you were not there yourself, it is hard to imagine what an incredible amount of motivation to support education was in the air. Even the shortest conversation with people there from the edTech community made you feel it.

Back to BETT2018: what is cool about it is that they are all there – from the smallest edTech start up to leading companies in the field of educational technology, like Microsoft, Adobe, Google… they are all there. The key factor are the people you can meet, though. You can find anybody there, from the innovative teacher, who applies ICT in class wherever meaningful, to educational leaders of world-wide technology companies like Anthony Salcito, vice president of Worldwide Education at Microsoft. They all exchange their thoughts and ideas at BETT.

How you can get in touch?

You can simply have a chat at a stall at the show, attend one of the numerous live shows on a product, listen to some of the numerous keynote speeches by experts on education from various institutes and companies, ask questions :-), make an appointment online in advance (via the homepage of  BETT, it is really simple), join Microsoft’s Training Academy, etc. etc.

If you want to join this year, get your flight quickly (doors open Wed 24 Jan, 10 am) or go online and join, for instance, some of Microsoft’s live-streamed „What’s New in Edutech“ sessions (Wed, Thu, Fri). I can very much recommend BETT2018 to any school principal, teacher, anybody responsible for educational issues, and, last but not least, anybody interested in education! Get inspired!




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