Digitally animated writing task

Digital animierter Schreibauftrag: An invitation (A2-B1)

Wie könnte ein digital animierter Schreibauftrag gestaltet sein? Hier weiter unten das Ergebnis meines Experiments mit PowToon.

Kurz zu PowToon: Die Animationsvideos werden im Browser erstellt (laufen also auf allen Geräten). In der kostenlosen Version gibt es verschiedene Einschränkungen bei der Erstellung (teils erscheint mir das Arbeiten schwerfällig). Die erstellten Videos sind nicht herunterladbar in der kostenlosen Version, können aber z. B. auf YouTube freigeschaltet werden. Schüleraccounts gibt es um ca 3 US$/Monat.


Putting up Power Point Slides is not enough

Using digital materials in the language learning classroom

Why and how I do it 

Learners in today’s world observe and absorb the world via a range of digital devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, and computers in general, no matter if at home, in public, on holiday, or on their way to school, and they will also continue to do so later on at work. It is at school itself, however, where they do so the least. This is true for the majority of the Austrian, German, and Swiss students in most subjects they study at school. Schools have to prepare students for digital learning environments at university and workplaces, though. To my mind, provision of digital materials is a requirement of current learning environments no matter if at school, university, or in the workplace. This has become an essential part of today’s transfer of knowledge. For modern twenty-first century teachers it should no longer be a question of whether you think that using modern technologies in class is advantageous for students or not (a whole range of advantages can be found, for instance, in Baumann (2013), it is a teacher’s duty to use them not only as it is required to some degree by any modern national curriculum but also because, in my opinion, it would be irresponsible not to prepare learners for their lives in this respect.

Putting up Power Point Slides is not enough

It is insufficient just to put up Power Point slides, send students worksheets